MPM Ltd @ City Heights

We offer three services to our clients>

Property Management:

MPM manages the City Heights Development at Mapperley in Nottingham which contains 20 blocks with large appurtenant estate grounds & gardens over two streets. MPM Ltd is a very leaseholder orientated property management company as we do not work for Freeholders, only leaseholders. This means the services we offer are with the absolute best interests of leasehold owners as the only main priority, that means no commissions, kickbacks, referral fees or other scams are taken from any contracts. Quite the opposite really as we negotiate that Insurance Commissions should be split between the broker and leasehold owners! Something which flies in the face of leasehold practices! The whole focus of our Service Charge operations are to achieve absolute best value for the leasehold owner whilst concentrating on long term preventative maintenance and of course ensuring the day-to-day management and legal requirements of inspections are carried out on time, every time, and then are fully documented and inspected before payment made! MPM Ltd believes too many property management companies treat leaseholders with little or no respect. As one leaseholder once said to me, '‘we are just never ending cash machines for these people, and we cannot even see what is being spent and why’'. Transparency in accounting and communication are absolutely key to Service Charge administration..... try run without these two basic foundation stones and sooner or later you will come unstuck. MPM Ltd prides itself on good old fashioned values of honesty, trust, transparency and integrity.... words which could not be further away from the current position of Leasehold Law in England & Wales.


MPM Ltd operate a Lettings function and believe a balance needs to be achieved between Landlord & Tenant; whilst acting as the Landlords Agent we can still operate ethical trading policies to ensure there is no exploitation and abuse of the tenant. We believe in fair management fees for a fair service. We pride ourselves on looking after our properties as if they were our own homes.

Leasehold Private Client Work:

MPM has a wide variety of casework ongoing helping other leaseholders all over Britain to achieve Right to Manage (RTM) and address Service Charge short comings and/or bad property managers/Freeholders. We again only work for leaseholders and can help in a variety of leasehold problems to get a block or even entire estate back on track. Sadly, being realistic, we see on a daily basis evidence that the Leasehold system of land ownership in England & Wales is, in part in complete melt down. This antiquated area of law left over from the middle ages is just not fit for purpose (our opinion) in the modern world. With new apartment blocks on the corner of nearly every street in Britain now, after 20 years of unprecedented boom the sober reality for millions is the discovery of unethical contractual arrangements prior/post construction, endless latent construction defects, exploitative insurance arrangements involving commercial freeholders and far too often little or no ongoing maintenance. Leaseholders are every single day exploited and ripped off, trapped in leases paying service charge without any knowledge of their rights and entitlements. We at MPM Ltd are one of only a few companies in England who offer specialist leasehold assistance to leasehold owners in desperate need of help; we have various fee systems in place which Guarantee EVERY leaseholder can take action- this has been the barrier until now fighting large commercial companies! You can sell and walk away....sure......most do...... be different.... stand and fight! The work Neil Healey has undertaken in the Nottingham City area was rewarded by Nottingham City Council on behalf of the people of Nottingham by a 'Proud of You' award! [Photograph opposite is Neil Healey receiving his civic award from the Mayor of Nottingham]