MPM Ltd @ City Heights
Leasehold Investigations and Private Client Work

When you receive a service charge demand from your landlord, Right to Manage (RTM) Company or Residents Management Company (RMC), you do not have to just accept whatever you’re being charged. Service charges are there to repay the Landlord (or RTM/RMC Company) for the reasonable costs they have paid out to provide services to your property. What is appropriate and reasonable to charge you is determined by the terms of your lease, legislation including case law..... and therein lie a lot of potential problems.

If you’re unhappy with your service charge bill give us a call and lets talk it through!

Our services

We provide the following professional services:

1. Advice, investigation and representation regarding demands made;

2. Considering whether Landlords (RTM/RMC Companies) have complied with applicable rules, for instance

a). If triggered, has the Landlord (RTM/RMC) consulted with you before undertaking major works/entered in contracts?
b). Was the Section 20 (Landlord and Tenant Act 1985) procedure exercised correctly?
c). Are the costs reasonable?

3. Analysing how costs have been divided between properties to calculate the percentage cost charged to your property to ensure the 'Lease Apportionment' is rightt!

4. If appropriate, we can also appear before the First Tier Tribunal (Property Chamber), the arbiter on residential service charges, on your behalf.

5. We can help you achieve 'Right to Manage' under the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002.

6. In certain instances, where appropriate, the First Tier Tribunal (Property Chamber) can also appoint a Manager to run the property and we can help you achieve this!

Our fees

We believe that our fees are competitive and have been set based on our experience and feedback from clients. We have a range of fee paying options to ensure no Leaseholder will ever say to us, 'Sorry, I just cannot afford to sort out my problem'.